What Your Candidate Experience is Missing

  • Only 40% of recruiters are even required to respond to job applicants AT ALL, according to the 2015 NAM CandE Research Report.
  • The most recent DHI-DFH Vacancy Duration Measure revealed that it took an average of 27.6 working days (that’s darn near a month) to fill jobs.
  • A CareerBuilder survey found that 40% of candidates feel the application process has become increasingly difficult.
  • 57% of applicants believe the process lacks personalization, 51% are frustrated that they have no idea where they are in the process, and 50% say it has so many more steps than it used to.
  • In fact, three in five candidates leave their application unfinished.

Why consistency is important and how to build it into your candidate experience

1. Make sure there are commonalities in your job ads

2. Make the application process candidate friendly

3. Set expectations right off the bat

4. Create a structured interview process

  • What made you decide to apply to Red Branch Media? Their answer lets me know if they understand our specialties (HR Tech, Finance, Non-Profit) and also what about us attracted them.
  • I then explain the different departments. This gives me a chance to talk about who we are, what we know and a little about how we do things. I call them “buckets” and at the end, I ask the candidate which bucket interests them the most. This tells me (duh) where they’d like to be and gives me an idea of how to “plant” them when and if they get the job.
  • I tell them about the kind of person who is successful here. Then I ask them which quality I mentioned they most identify with. (We also have a formal psychometric assessment later in the process.)
  • Finally, I tell them what to expect next, which is a work sample exercise and an in-person interview if received by deadline. I always let them know it is up to them to email me after our phone screen if they still want the job (I can be intense).

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Maren Hogan

Maren Hogan


Chief Marketing Brain of @RedBranch Media. I help folks in recruiting, talent acquisition and HR, figure out marketing, community and social. #TBEX #TChat