The Secret Formula To Getting More LinkedIn Followers

Maren Hogan
4 min readNov 5, 2020


I’m going to be honest with you. Getting more followers on LinkedIn can be a pain. You can have the best copy, along with the most eye-catching images, and even a well-performing ad campaign, and still not get the number of followers you want. You can create ad campaign after ad campaign, but it needs to have a strategy behind it.

If you give people a hell of a good reason to follow your company’s social media page, you’ll likely get closer to your follower goal. People want to follow pages that give them some sort of benefit, and as social media marketers, it’s our job to prove to them that following is worth it.

You can showcase benefits and prove the worth of following you with:

  • Industry tips — Keep your audience up-to-date with the latest tips you can offer.
  • Case studies — What has worked for your organization? Prove it!
  • Best practices — Much like industry tips, share your best practices as you find them.
  • New research — If your company participates in research of some sort, people in that field will want to follow your page to get that information.

After researching this topic and working in the field for a few years, I’ve put together some tips for you that actually work.


First things first — It’s important to make sure that all of the sections are filled out on your LinkedIn business page. Nobody will follow a half-assed account. Make sure you include the industry, company size, website URL, description, bio, logo, address (if applicable), hashtags, profile photo, and header image. You can put the company’s mission statement in the bio, but keep it short and sweet as the character count is not high (120 characters), and people really just need to get a quick idea of what the company is about.

Pinning a post is also a good starting point; pin a recent blog post or upcoming event as an intriguer for your audience. Adding emojis to posts can help break up the text and make your posts more interesting. It also shows that you are innovative and pay attention to social trends. Posting a mix of different length posts, such as long-form, with and without images, and video posts are engaging for users. LinkedIn has many professionals on it, so if your company page is consistent and relevant, you will likely get frequent interactions.

Cross-promote yourself! Tweet or create a Facebook post recommending your audience to follow your company LinkedIn page. Tell them why. Do you share different content on your LinkedIn? An interactive graphic showing some examples could get your audience’s attention and entice them to follow you on multiple platforms.

Here are 21 tips for attracting followers to your LinkedIn page from the LinkedIn experts themselves!


There are two different types of ad campaigns you can run that can achieve the same results. Let’s take a look:

  • Follower Ads: You can set up a Follower Ad reasonably quickly. The copy required is short, and the only image you need is the company logo. When you set up the campaign, you can specifically target the “who, what, when, where, and why” you want to follow your company page. The targeting includes job titles, interests, and locations. In your copy, give them a reason why to follow and tell them how to. You can then set a date for how long you want this to run or when you want to reach the follower goal. The overall goal of this ad is to showcase the company and encourage users to follow. Below is an example of what this looks like.


  • Sponsored Content Ads + the Follow Button: Since the Follower Ad set up only shows on the side of LinkedIn, you can run a Sponsored Content Ad along with it. These ads show up in the LinkedIn feed. There is now an option for users to click a “Follow” button right on the ad. You can entice people to follow you in the copy and link back to the company site. This ad does require a bigger image. Remember, you have to give people a reason to want to follow. You’d think it’s straightforward enough for them to click the button, but it’s also very easy for them to keep scrolling! As long as you have a bright, eye-catching image and intriguing copy, your ad should perform well for your targeted audience.



Creating a high-performing LinkedIn ad campaign truly takes trial and error. Research and testing to figure out what works for your audience is the best tip I can give you. You will not see success overnight. You cannot allocate $1,000 to an ad campaign, go to sleep, and wake up with 2.5M followers. What you can do is learn, adjust, and keep your head up. Make your LinkedIn page strong, know your audience, and you’ll likely see success. Share relevant blog posts and resources to your company page, do a mix of curated content, and interact with the followers you have.

After all, these are actual people you want to get to follow your company page, and once they follow, you need to engage and interact with them continually. You can’t just treat someone nice at the beginning of a relationship to get them to date you and then ignore them once you have them! Thank them for sharing your posts and make them feel wanted. Ask them questions. Acknowledge the content they share. They might even tell somebody to go follow your page because they like how authentic it is.

This article was originally published on the Red Branch Media blog by Hannah Wilson.



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