It’s About Getting Things Done Around Here

Thanks for joining us for our 5th article analyzing our company values. If you missed the first four, make sure to check them out here: grit, curiosity, naked ambition and accountability. Today we dive into what “getting things done” means to us at the Branch.

Long implementation times? Later. It’s about getting things done around here. Without further ado, check out why getting things done or GTD is ingrained in the Red Branch philosophy.

“Ideas are a dime a dozen. We’ve all heard it and we all know it’s true. GTD is the real work to put into place the intricate strategies to provide actual deliverables and leads to our clients.”

– Jeremy


“We’ve got a long list of deliverables, but we are going to push through and get them all accomplished like we do every month, week and year!”

– Eric


“There are no excuses here. We deliver great work at an impressive pace.”

– Kerry


“One of the things we pride ourselves on is our ability to put the pedal to the metal each week to ensure we get every little thing done. And this doesn’t come at a cost of delivering sub-par work. We put our Midwestern work ethic into each task at an accelerated pace to ensure every project is delivered on time, in the best quality.”

– Kyle


“We could sit around and talk about idea boards, mind maps, and focus groups for days and weeks on in… or we could get things done. We prefer the latter.”

– Shalaina


“At Red Branch, we know how to prioritize and smash deadlines to get things done. It is all about scheduling your projects in a manageable way so they ACTUALLY GET DONE. It’s about keeping our promise to our clients, our team and yourself while still knocking our projects out of the park.”

– Kristine


“Getting things done well is different than getting things well-done. We strive to get things done well, like a perfect 135ºF steak. We do this quickly, precisely, and with as much creative gusto as we can.”

– Bach


“Prioritize your tasks and execute on them as efficiently and effectively as possible.”

– Kaleb


“Getting Things Done is our roadmap, our goal crushing tasks, and our action plans. We put these all in place to keep our business running like a well-oiled machine. Continuously innovating and tweaking each one to keep up with the ever-changing marketing world!”

– Molly


“You have tasks, deadlines and projects. *Cranks ‘Work B**ch’ by Britney Spears to max volume*”

– Jimmy


“This is what Red Branch life is all about. We set strict deadlines with high expectations because we know what we’re capable of. We don’t float ideas without seeing them through and we don’t start and stop projects when other things come up. We simply get. things. done.”

– Alison


“Getting things done is essential in all stages of a project. It is coming to meetings armed with ideas and asking the right questions to ensure you have everything you need to get the job done right the first time. It is having tools at your disposal to make the process more efficient. It is learning from the past to improve the future. That’s how we get things done at the Branch.”

– Maggie


“Red Branch is a deliverable based company. My coworkers, my bosses and my clients are expecting my work to be delivered to them by the deadline. To do that, we have to get things done.”

– Anna


“Our ambition, curiosity, grit and accountability leads to our team accomplishing our tasks and #GettingThingsDone. Our efficiency and dedication is uncontested when it comes to accomplishing our tasks.”

– Nick


“Deadlines and clients needs are no stranger to marketers and we’re no strangers to going above and beyond the campaign and keeping on schedule no matter the situation.”

– Cassie


“Sticking with scheduled timelines is how we get some much done around RBM. Deadlines exist to keep us moving forward and looking at what we can tackle next.”

– Madison


“In the words of a Nebraska legend, Larry the Cable Guy… “Get Er Done!!!” We are all about accomplishing things here at the Branch! We welcome deadlines and make it our mission to crush them.”

– Mackenzie


“There’s a lot of work to get done and not a lot of time. We sprint and we hustle. We work fast and deliver quality results. There’s not another option. Simply put, we get things done.”

– Mitchell


“Every day I’m astounded at the sheer amount of work our team gets accomplished. With focus and dedication, we put our heads down and push through even the most challenging tasks, dedicated to not just quantity but quality we can be proud of.”

– Andrea


“At Red Branch, we don’t suggest ideas just to have them sit around. When given a new concept, we begin integrating it right away. That’s how we get things done.”

– Hannah


“We are all about the work hard, play hard concept here at Red Branch. We bust our butts during the week to deliver the best of the best for each of our clients. We reflect on all of our hard work and unwind at the end of every week, recharge over the weekend and get ready to go full speed again on Monday.”

– Jessica


“At Red Branch, getting things done is a motto that we live by. Our clients and team depend on us to deliver the best quality possible, no matter how big or small.”

– Tridia


“Deadlines are important to our clients, so they are important to us. Each day, month, or year you can count on RBM to produce the high-quality deliverables we promised on time.”

– Jenny


Getting Things Done is just one of Red Branch’s core values. Interested in seeing the other core values? Check them out here.

This article originally published on the Red Branch Media Blog by the Branchers.




Chief Marketing Brain of @RedBranch Media. I help folks in recruiting, talent acquisition and HR, figure out marketing, community and social. #TBEX #TChat

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Maren Hogan

Maren Hogan

Chief Marketing Brain of @RedBranch Media. I help folks in recruiting, talent acquisition and HR, figure out marketing, community and social. #TBEX #TChat

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