I haven’t written a letter in quite some time. To be perfectly honest, I spent most of 2020 just trying to keep a small business afloat. And it has NOT been easy.

March 12, our country (the U.S.) shut down. By March 17, Red Branch Media (always bootstrapped, never taken a round) had lost over $80,000 of receivables per month. For those counting, in a 30 person firm, that’s 8–12 jobs. So we fired ten people.

Just kidding, no we didn’t.

While Fortune 500 companies laid off and furloughed their employees (only to later lay them off), we kept every…

By Guest Author: Lexie Lu:

After a very unusual 2020, it looks like we may be on track for a more normal year — or, at least, one with some level of economic recovery and a return to typical levels of demand.

However, 2021 won’t exactly be business as usual. Trends that had existed before 2020 — like the slow rise of e-commerce and demand for sustainable goods — are on track to accelerate. At the same time, new technology is reshaping how marketers and retailers approach their work.

Updated strategies may be necessary for businesses to stay ahead of the competition and continue growing…


Originating from Japan, Lean was originally created for manufacturing and was later adopted by American manufacturing companies. Having found success and effectiveness in its implementation, the core Lean principles were then adopted by other industries such as construction, financial services, project management, and healthcare.

For software solutions development, Lean has an excellent management framework that aims to streamline the entire development process. Lean has also been adopted for software development management processes and has led to the market for lean management software tools. …

Before the onset of COVID-19, Red Branch employees already enjoyed a mixed schedule of working in-office and remotely. In mid-March, when the situation began to look increasingly dire, Red Branch took immediate action and became a fully-remote company. But we didn’t sacrifice our culture. We still see our coworkers during daily pod check-ins and standups, and maintain our Eatin’ Meetin’ whether it be every Friday or every Friday of campaign week to decompress, play games, and update each other on any changes or news in our lives (albeit few and far between during COVID).

The RBM train keeps moving even…

Digital marketers know the pains and gains of search engine optimization (SEO). We always hear questions along the lines of “why aren’t we ranking for our target keyword yet?” or “when will we rank for this keyword?” Any SEO guru knows that it always ‘depends,’ and there’s not truly a rhyme or reason behind predictions. What we do know is the proven strategy behind climbing to the top of the SERP. And that starts with the quality and relevance of your content.

When you explain SEO best practices and what needs to be done to see increased rankings, the stakeholder…

I’m going to be honest with you. Getting more followers on LinkedIn can be a pain. You can have the best copy, along with the most eye-catching images, and even a well-performing ad campaign, and still not get the number of followers you want. You can create ad campaign after ad campaign, but it needs to have a strategy behind it.

If you give people a hell of a good reason to follow your company’s social media page, you’ll likely get closer to your follower goal. …

At Red Branch Media, work-life balance is important. And what’s a better way to enhance that balance than flexible work scheduling or a 10-hour shift, so employees have a three day weekend? They still get 40 hours in, but they have a full day off during a typical person’s workweek.

What we once knew as normal has changed. How can we expect to run our business like we used to? Work flex has become increasingly popular as more companies have shifted to a fully remote business plan. One work flex option is to offer a 10-hour shift where employees have…

Although COVID-19 has limited our interactions with others, employee wellness should not go on the back burner. Keeping employees productive and reducing turnover is essential, and implementing wellness benefits and perks are a great way to start. Healthy employees mean happy and productive employees, and happy workers are 13% more productive.

Offering wellness perks can encourage happier, healthier employees all year long. We know what you’re thinking, “that sounds expensive” or “we don’t have room in their budgets for frivolous perks,” but there are a lot of cost-effective initiatives that can have an impact on your team. …

By Guest Author: Lexie Lu:

A strong visual identity is one of the best tools available if you want to quickly communicate what your brand stands for and the kind of products it offers.

However, not every approach to graphic design is right for every business. Some may be outdated. Others may just not be a good fit for your particular brand.

These graphic design trends are some of the most popular right now. Each has something to offer every business, no matter what kind of audience you’re after or the values you want your design to embody.


Many brands, when they need a graphic…

Red Branch Media cares about the world of work, from employee engagement and branding to HR Tech and workforce trends. We believe both vendors and practitioners are doing incredible work, which is why we showcase thoughtful research, interesting ideas, and helpful resources on our blog. In this post, FLEXJOBS studies mental health as it relates to the workplace during these unprecedented times. To learn more about employee engagement, please read some of our own opinions on the subject. Want to feature your work on the Red Branch Media blog and reach thousands of readers? Simply apply here.

For the…

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