3 Companies With Winning Candidate Experiences

1. Facebook takes its time and gives candidates the chance to speak with employees at various levels at the company

  1. Layer one: Have candidates call into our conference line to test their basic technical skills.
  2. Layer two: At the end of the first phone interview, put the ball in their court by giving them an assignment with specific instructions and a deadline to see if they can follow simple orders and engage with you.
  3. Layer three: Have candidates visit the RBM Headquarters for an in-person interview with yours truly and the department head for the position they’re applying for.
  4. Layer four: Introduce the candidate to the team so they can put names to faces.

2. Bozzuto Group makes its interview process completely transparent

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Maren Hogan

Maren Hogan


Chief Marketing Brain of @RedBranch Media. I help folks in recruiting, talent acquisition and HR, figure out marketing, community and social. #TBEX #TChat